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काली काली महाकाली कालिके परमेश्वरी । सर्वानन्दकरी देवी नारायणि नमोऽस्तुते ।।

Please fill up the following Donation Form and submit online, so that Shri. Mahakali Mataji Trust may soon contact you in the best possible and suitable ways and manner for accepting whatever donation for which you have submitted a desire to offer such a donation in the holy feet of Shri. Mahakali Mataji through the above filled Donation Offer Form Submission online. You can also send your Donation in any currency or denominations of the world to the following address by mail, along with a check in Indian Rupees or a check in your currency in favor of " Shri Mahakali Mataji Trust" at Pavagadh in India to the following address as your donation for the specified Seva Puja, Devotion, Bhog or Activities to be carried out at Pavagadh on your behalf in the large interest and benefit of the Temple Trust.

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